Session Costs

What is the cost of a session?

Each session costs £60.00 .
For students or clients accessing state benefits , each session costs £ 40.00

What E.M.D.R. Sessions do I offer ? ;

1 Hour sessions at a mutually convenient time , both on-line and face to face.
Evening sessions are possible.

Sessions are normally once a week although can be held twice a week if needed.
I do not charge for the first session so that you can make a decision whether you feel that I may be the right therapist to help you .

By the end of three – four sessions you should feel that you have been able to open up enough to give me a picture of how you have come to be wanting to engage in therapy . Talking to me may give a feeling of relief in itself , but during these sessions you will also be learning some techniques to manage difficult feelings [ or absence of feeling . ] You will planning what you would like to change through therapy.

It normally takes a further to two to three sessions to prepare for reprocessing of the trauma by strengthening psychological resources further and identifying which traumatic memories need to be the target of treatment .

By the end of six to eight sessions , clients would expect to be feeling benefits from E.M.D.R. treatment , progress towards therapy goals would be evaluated , and further number of sessions  agreed as necessary .
The final two sessions are a preparation for the future , including the ending of therapy.

On average , a single trauma might take around 5 sessions and more complex trauma 10-12 sessions. If E.M.D.R. is not suiting you , I would discuss a referral to other sources of help and support 

Client Reviews

  • Callum says "I have found EMDR therapy to be life-changing, I was initially sceptical of the process but I cannot argue against the results which have been immensely positive for me. I found Frances to be very empathetic and felt listened to throughout the process. This is, without doubt, the best thing I have ever done and my only regret is not doing it sooner."

  • "With Dr Lindon's help and guidance, I was able to develop strategies that have since helped me deal with stressful situations that I would have previously struggled with and to help me with negative beliefs, thoughts and feelings I've held about myself for several years."

  • "12 sessions didn't seem like enough to battle the debilitating symptoms of the trauma I experienced working in ICU during the pandemic. And yet, I feel like myself again, loving my job and thriving in a way I never thought possible. Frances taught me so much about how my mind and body process trauma, and I feel prepared for dealing with whatever the future holds in my career and personal life. I cannot thank you enough!"

  • "Since my sessions with Dr Lindon, people close to me have commented that I'm much calmer and much more settled in myself and am now able to handle mistakes and failure and accept them as part of the learning process."

  • "Without the wonderful support of Dr Lindon, I think it very doubtful that I would be back participating in and enjoying life. I am very grateful for all the support that was offered."

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